Cango Caves is the only show cave in Africa which offers a choice of Heritage (easy) or Adventure Tours. All tours are lead by experienced, knowledgeable and accredited CavesGuides. All tours are offered in English but Afrikaans,German, French and other language options may be available (please check language availability when making reservations).

Contact: +27(0)442727410

In order to conserve and preserve the Cango Caves, we have instituted a limited amount of visitors per touring option. Bookings are essential to guarantee your place.

Common myth has it that the Caves were first explored by a local farmer named Jacobus van Zyl (after who the first chamber, van Zyl’s Hall, was named)  although research fails to reveal anybody by that name in the Cango area in the 1770’s. And besides  we now know that the Caves have been known to man since the Early Stone Age.

Still, even if there never was a Jacobus van Zyl, the Cango Caves have been at the forefront of tourism in South Africa since the end of the 18th century: the first to be protected by environmental legislation and the first to employ a full-time tourist guide, they remain South Africa’s oldest tourist attraction.