Vrede Self Catering for those who wish to completely unwind and simply enjoy the peaceful surroundings, the scent of fynbos is everywhere. 

The well-marked trails through the Self Catering estate are easy to hike and the ever- present sounds of abundant birdlife will lull you into a blissfully tranquil state of mind.

In the evenings, enjoy magnificent sunsets as you watch flocks of birds heading home , and anticipate a celestial extravaganza on crisp, starry nights. The relaxed ambiance, peace and tranquillity afforded by Vrede Self Catering will truly make you wish that you never had to leave.

Vrede Self Catering is just a 3 minute drive to Vergelegen MediClinic and Arun Place. It’s a perfect choice for patients and family members who want a safe, convenient and restoring place to stay pre- or postoperation and during extended medical treatments.

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